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a nearby campus divided this morning. their professor was she out of line? we're going to tell you what she did that has a lot of people talking this morning. more complaining about filling up and how expensive it is but $10 for a gaon of gas? why some prices are so high at pennsylvania and jersey stations. one business owner doesn't want your two cents, in fact he doesn't want your pennies at all. we have details straight ahead and we're waiting for some breaking news to come out of howard county because charlie crowson's wife has been in labor since last year. really since tuesday. so we're waiting for word. i heard from him early this morning. nothing yet but she's hanging in there. >> all right. >> all right. >> oh, he's going to be such a good dad too. he talks ant having his little
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girl all the time. he nicknamed her bubbles and hopefully won't name her that. >> we'll keep you posted. lynette charles looking at the weather. it's been so great lately. >> it has and it's been a copy day after day after day. today we'll start to see a little bit of change and also a few more clouds in here as we go into the afternoon. but that's not the case this morning. once again we're starting off on a cooler note. and as we look in bel air this morning, we're also starting off with plenty of clear skies. and plenty of sunshine as we are beginning to see some daylight out there. look at the temperature right now in bel air, still cool. 52 degrees. 58 degrees in bowie right now and rockville coming in at 52. those winds are calm but they'll pick up more into the afternoon. and maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. and we do finally have some change and that's a good change because we still do need some rain. we're about 5.5-inches below since the beginning of the yore. as we start to see the rain in the forecast which rolls in here tomorrow aisle going to detail that -- i'm going to
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detail that coming up. but still continue to bask in the sunshine throughout the day. i'm forecasting a high around 82 degrees, let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. unfortunately the roads are not as clear as your forecast. the pain trouble spot right now is going to be the beltway. the west side as you can see is extremely jammed here at old court road. the inner loop extremely slow up to 83. and that outer loop oh, just a nightmare tall way down to -- all the way down to interstate 70. as we take a look at 95 here's what it looks like at eastern avenue. fortunately just a 15 minute ride from white marsh to downtown. the harbor tunnel no problems to report. the fort mchenry tunnel also going to be in great condition. you're looking at an eight minute ride from the beltway all the way to the toll plaza. and if you are using the jfx to get into the city, it's nice and clear. no delays right now. traveling southbound from 695 downtown to east fayette street. that is a look at your abc2
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timesaver traffic. megan over to you. well, a live picture from cairo this morning where protests have sparked by a controversial film and they continue this morning. we just learned a few moments ago that protestors stormed the u.s. embassy in yemen. they didn't get inside of the building. but they did enter the ground and they burned the american flags. now meanwhile the u.s. military responded to the deadly atang on americans in libya and tahman bradley has the latest events. >> reporter: cities across the arab world tense and facing violent anti-american demonstrations u.s. navy forces have moved two missile destroyers to the coast of libya. there was a second night of unrest in egypt, protestors took to the streets angry over the antimuslim film. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to keep a crowd away from the u.s. embassy in libya. on the streets of benghazi, libya, a different picture,
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hundreds of protestors protested tuesday's attack on the out by a rogue group of mill talents. four americans were killed including the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens a rising diplomat seen here in a youtube video. >> my name is chris stevens. and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> he risked his life to stop a tyrant. then gave his life trying to help build a better libya. >> reporter: also killed? sean smith. an information specialist. >> as americans, we stand united all of us in gratitude for their service. i want to assure you we will bring their killers to justice. >> reporter: a terror group affiliated with al-qaeda has claimed responsibility for the well coordinated attack in libya. officials believe it was time to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary and may have not been linked to the film that sparked the angry protests in other cities and in cairo. president obama signaled what could be a change in u.s. relations with egypt saying in
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a tv interview that the u.s. does not consider the current egyptian government an enemy or an ally. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. al vigil will be held tonight for a police officer. charles armetta died after falling from interstate 95. this is early saturday morning. his funeral is set for tomorrow. a suspect is in shock trauma this morning after being shot by a baltimore county police officer. police say that the officer attempted to question the driver about a stolen vehicle yesterday morning. but the man took off. nearly hitting that officer. well, that's when the officer shot at him. police have found that suspect who they say he was in lying in a parking lot at catonsville high school. that officer right now is on administrative leave. all right, you don't have them in your wallet i'm guessing but we are talking about the penny and one vermont sports store no longer accepting them. the owner says customers they don't seem to mind.
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he says it's not going to change the way the merchandise is bought or paid for. >> it doesn't matter to them really. check transactions, credit card transactions, nothing is changed. they still to pay to the cent and on cash transactions they are frequently getting a few extra cents back and they save a few cents. >> i don't want the pennies anyway really. they just kind of jingle in my pocket or end up on the couch or the rug and i have to pick them up when i vacuum. >> still money though. canada already decided to end the production of pennies. all right, ever gone for a walk and noticed somebody didn't pick up after their dog? one neighborhood is now cracking down on this problem. this is happening in texas. the point which is a small condo complex made upof 31 units mainly of retired folks. the homeowners' association is requesting every dog in the neighborhood have their dna put on file. that way when the mysterious mess is found they can find out
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in and analyze who's the culprit. >> it seems like everything and everything is just getting more micromanaged. i think that's about as far down the line as you can get. maybe they'll regulate our poop. i don't know. >> let's hope not. the homeowners' association says the testing is a last resort measure. they have not bonn that route yet. well, she's an oscar winning actress who she makes us laugh and cry on the big screen and on the small screen. but this morning, kathy bates has some serious news to share with her fans. the medical challenge she's now facing. >> and a multimillion dollar construction project comes to a screeching halt. what stopped workers from digging might actually give you the heebie-jeebies. when we switched to fios, we got better tv,
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thank you for joining us on
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this thursday morning. kathy bates revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer two months ago. the academy award-winning actress decided to undergo a double mastectomy. she had a battle with ovarian cancer about nine years ago. is this time around no radiation or chemotherapy. shed a very good prognosis. and we're only a month away from a big event to raise money for breast cancer. we are talking about the 20th annual susan g. komen race for the cure in maryland. this year's race is sunday, october 21st in hunt valley. we hope you join us, much more on this year's race and we'll keep you posted on weeks to come. all right, it is being linked to at least one death and dozens of hospitalizations including here in maryland. now the major food retailer pulling its cheese that's linked to a deadly listeria outbreak off shelves. we're going to tell you who's getting rid of the product. >> and if you ever waited in
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long lines pushed your way through crowds just to get your kid that very hot toy? a popular toy store now has a new offering that may make your shopping experience a little less chaotic. we have the details straight ahead. >> we've been dry so far this week but will the weekend be dry? i'll have the answer to that question coming up. >> well lynette on the west side of the beltway you want the leave yourself some extra time. i'm tracking the delays and we'll let you know what else you need to watch out for coming up on "good morning maryland."
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. good thursday morning, thank you for joining us. this is your abc2 news to go. i'm megan pringle. sherrie johnson is live this morning with new details on the shooting that happened at morgan state university. linda so is out live and another death in maryland from west nile virus. what health officials are going. but first a check on the weather with meteorologist lynette charles. how's it looking out there. >> it looks good out there megan. you can see for yourself in mount airy plenty of sunshine out there morning. we have a few high clouds moving through the area but all in all we're going to be good
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this morning but we are feeling a little bit on the cool se once again. the temperature 51-degrees and the dew point at 51 in elkton temperature at 54-degrees and dew point 51 degrees. and we are looking right now in northville coming in right around 56 degrees so these temperatures are coming in below average. but as we go into the afternoon, they will be slightly above average. maryland's most powerful radar is dry right now. it will stay that way through the day but we will have change moving into the forecast and i'll talk more about that coming up but here we go hour by hour through the day. lunchtime still looks good and we will be seeing the temperature coming in around 82 degrees at 3:00 let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynette. unfortunately we have several accidents and trouble in baltimore county, there's a crash at 83 and you will want to expect delays as well if you're getting on to the jfx. you're looking at a 13 minute ride al together from towson downtown. here's what the west side of
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the beltway looks like. northwest corner right now at old court road extremely congested practically at a standstill right now. on the outer loop. it will remain very slow as you make the drive down towards interstate 70. and here's what it looks like in parkville. no significant delays here at harford road. up towards providence road but we have a crash in parkville that you want to watch out for right on harford road at joppa road. and another inside baltimore city right on old frederick road at more lee road. megan over to you. take you live again you're looking at a picture as protestors and police have been clashing outside of the u.s. embassy in cairo. this is a developing story this morning. groups were outside throwing stones and bottles at the building. and they were upset about a film they say mocks islam. now at least 13 people were injured in these clashes that happened throughout the night. egypt's government called for restraint while denouncing the film which also sparked fury in libya where four americans were
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killed in benghazi. we want toilet you know that we are hear -- to let you know that we are hearing reports of an embassy in yemen under attack. however they didn't make it into the grounds into the actual building. "good morning america" will have more on this story and we'll have more on this morning, students at morgan state university prepare to head back to class after a man was shot an campus. abc2 news' sherrie johnson is live this morning in northeast baltimore. that's where the latest on the investigation is happening. and i know they have been looking for this shooter. any details? >> reporter: just got off the phone with baltimore city police and they're telling me they're still looking for the gunman so this is a very active investigation. and just a little bit classes are set to resume here at morgan state university. of course last night they canceled classes because of that shooting. now yesterday, it was a very chaotic scene on campus. a little after 4:00 p.m. shots rang out when the smoke cleared a man was shot in the stomach in the student center. he later collapsed outside the
6:49 am
building. witnesses say the victim was inside the student center playing pool. now authorities immediately went into action locking down the campus. they also sent out a message on the campus alert system warning students and staff of that shooting. now city police used the s.w.a.t. team to search the area looking for the gunman. now investigators don't think the victim or the gunman were students at morgan state. right now some are concerned leading to questions about how easy it can be for outsiders to come in and cause trouble. now so far, police have not released the name of the victim. the personal that was shot here on campus. but once again they are still searching for the gunman. and classes are set to resume this morning. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. a bail hearing is set this morning for the teenager accused of firing a gun at perry hall high school on the first day of school. 15-year-old robert gradden jr.
6:50 am
has been held without bond pending a mental evaluation. striking 17-year-old daniel bowory in the back. his attorney says that the teen brought the gun to school to intimidate bullies and didn't mean to shoot anyone. this year, is shaping up to be one of the worst for west nile virus. there are a lot of cases in the united states right now and we learned that the second person here in maryland has died because of the virus. so tonight baltimore county is taking action to stop this virus from spreading. abc2 news linda so is live this morning in millford mill and people are being urged to stay indoors this evening. >> reporter: because crews will be back out here tonight to spray for mosquitoes at 7:30. and you should stay inside for at least 30 minutes while the spraying happens. this, after a case, the second case of west nile virus where a person died here in maryland. also in the millford mill area, there was a confirmed case of west nile virus, so far 25 cases have been reported in the state alone.
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the west nile virus is spread through mosquito bites so the best thing you can do is to stay inside when mosquitoes are most active. usually after dusk. it also helps to get rid of any standing water you might have around your house because that's where mosquitoes like to breed. also next week in anne arundel county crews will be back out there to spray in the marley area after a spike of cases there. go to the website at to get all the information you need to keep you and your family safe. we're live in millford mill, linda so, abc2 news. a cheese is being blamed for at least one death and a number of illnesses including here in maryland is being pulled from shelves at whole foods. now the store is recalling the ricotta cheese that was distributed by forever cheese. it's been linked to a deadly listeria outbreak. if you bought it you are asked to immediately throw it away. well, there a debate going operate now in -- on right now
6:52 am
in american university in washington, d.c.. regarding their professor and whether it was appropriate for her to breast-feed her baby during class. well, adrian fine says she didn't want to cancel the classes and that she was appropriate. it was the first day of school. her daughter was sick. so she brought her to that day. to breast food. that was during -- breast-feed. that was during class. now students at the school have mixed opinions. >> for the child's health and i mean it wouldn't be a big deal to me. >> i thought it was very unprofessional. i feel like she should have at least ducked out of the room. >> the university doesn't have a policy on breast-feeding, however they do want mothers to be able to have a break so they do provide private places for mothers to pump their breast milk for their babies. this morning about gas stations in pennsylvania protesting what fuel companies make them pay. so they did the same thing in new jersey. here's what's going on. about 50 gas stations owned by luke oil have hiked retail prices to nearly $10 in
6:53 am
protests. the main point of contention right now is zero pricing. that's when refineries sell fuel to retailers at different wholesale prices based on geography, competition and demand. >> that the wholesale price that they have to pay for gasoline, many times is actually higher than a competitor is selling gasoline for across the street or down the block. >> gas station owners say the zero pricing cuts margins razor thin and luke oil calls that practice reasonable saying they have been doingit for years. this morning, plans to file a defamation lawsuit in south dakota all over that pink slime issue for a meat company. this in the wake of a publicity storm. they have blamed media reports fort closure of three plants and roughly 700 layoffs. maryland public service commission is holding hearings today about how utility companies handled outages from
6:54 am
the june derecho. the panel will hear from five major power companies including pge. the storm caused damage and left thousands not dark for weeks -- in the dark for weeks even longer. today the pennsylvania state supreme court is holding a hearing on a law that's set to go into effect for the november 6th elections requiring specific forms of identification at the polls. it will be up to poll workers in individual precincts to determine how strictly to intercept and enforce the new law. toys "r" us has a new way this holiday season. allowing you to make reservations for the hot toys. throughout halloween and then beyond. this is the 20% down payment. the store hopes this will entire frantic searches for parents leading up to holidays so they can get their hand on theties earlier. are you ready for some thursday night football? it will green bay packers faces off tonight against the chicago
6:55 am
bears. thursday night games used to be for the half season and now they're throughout the season. tonight you can watch a little football. the race for the playoffs continues at camden yards. the o's play game two against the tampa bay rays and they won final score, 3-2. so today they're at it again. that game is going to be 12:35. so unless you are out of work, you're not going to be able to see it live. right now the orioles remain tied for the first place in the a. l. east with the new york yankees. hopefully lynette a noon game they'll have good weather. >> oh yes some good weather out there megan. right now temperatures are on the cool side this morning. emmettsburg and norrisville 55 degrees, urbanna this morning plenty of sunshine and we will begin to see clouds moving in here throughout the day but still plenty of sunshine to be had all courtesy of the area of high pressure. that cold front will bring us showers possibly by tomorrow evening.
6:56 am
the tropical storm nadine is going to stay away from us. and it is 70-mile-per-hour sustained winds right now so not a hurricane as of yet. right now temperatures for today i'm forecasting a high around 82-degrees and more sunshine and warm. and here's the forecast for this afternoon. if you're heading out to the game, 77 degrees. nice and pleasant. check of the seven day forecast keeps us nice and dry as we head into the weekend. let's get a check now of the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. good morning lynned. well we are dealing with several accidents, trouble in baltimore county, there's a crash on russianton road on 83 you want to watch out for. harford road at joppa road. the beltway very, very congested. the worst spot is going to be the west side of the beltway here at old court road. very slow all the bay down to route 40. here's what 95 looks like. lauren is always talking about traffic and we had to share this story for you. a rare spider hasn't been seen in decades.
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apparently this multimillion dollar project on hold because of the rare spider. can imagine all that -- you imagine all that for a spider? we'll check in with you in 30 minutes. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] [ male announcer ] at p.f. chang's,
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